Top 5 Things to do at Home on Spring Break

I’m sure thinking about being at home for a whole week with your kids over Spring Break is a little overwhelming for some, given how many days this winter we’ve already been stuck inside! These are some fun; FREE things to do at home that will make Spring Break a little more exciting!

  1. Countdown chain to the end of school. What kid does not want to think about the last day of school? I know my son asks every week how many days are left until summer vacation. This is a fun, easy way to display the answer. Just cut strips of paper, count out together how many days are left, loop the holes together and secure with glue or tape, and hang! You can tell your child that every night or morning they can rip down a day and they are one day closer to summer break!
  2. Scavenger Hunt. Every kid loves a good treasure hunt! You do it inside your home, in your yard, or in your neighborhood. Use small note cards and write little hints about where they can find the next clue, go out and place them around, then help your child find the first one. Be sure to remember how many you placed (it’s good to number them) and have the last one equal a small prize (maybe a piece of candy or something special) if they find it!
  3. Do a timed event. Most kids love being timed and trying to break their own record! Using a stopwatch or cell phone timer, come up with multiple “events” they can accomplish and see how fast they can do it. For examples: make a stacked pyramid of cups, do 20 sit ups or an obstacle course (maybe around furniture). For only children, they can keep trying to break their own record or for siblings they could make it into a competition!
  4. Interview your child for a TV news show. Pretend you are interviewing your child for TV (you can even grab a spatula to be your pretend microphone). Some kids may even want to dress up for their debut! If you have a video camera handy, be sure to record it! If not, just write down their answers to scrapbook or journal about later! Sample questions could include:
    •          What’s your favorite TV show, movie, song, food, candy, toy, sport, color, thing to do?
    •          Who’s the boss in your house?
    •          What does love mean?
    •          What’s the difference between moms and dads?
    •          What do you think mom/dad do at work?
    •          What do you wish for?
    •          Why do people fight?
    •          What’s your favorite thing about school?
  5. Make a collage. Very fun and easy. You can use old magazines, flyers, pamphlets, or papers lying around. Let your kids cut out letters, words, and pictures to make a collage. You can have a theme like “what represents you” or “all things green.” You could make a collage of your own with your child, it can be quite relaxing. Then don’t forget to hang their finished product on the fridge!



Hey, I am Sabrina! I am the Staffing Assistant Director of the Young Wonders Early Learning Center at YWCA McLean County. I live with my fiancé, our 6 year old son, and our miniature dachshund named Beast. I am the oldest in my close-knit family and have three little brothers. I have worked in child care for more than 10 years and absolutely love the little ones!


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