We Got Game

A year ago, I attempted to explain a loss after a basketball game with my students, who for one night also became a basketball team. I used the usual clichés that any first time coach, who in addition happened to be a before-and-after school teacher, might offer given the circumstance. Yet, despite coming up short, my students were absolutely thrilled with the outcome. They were happy to have creative vision in sportsmanship, practicing their cheer routine, seeing friends from other schools, and coming together as a team. These boys and girls were happy, not that they lost a basketball game, but that they were able to have a fun and enriching process during the journey.

I am confident this year’s YWCA Basketball Tournament and Expo is going to be fun for the student participants, their parents, and the community. The tournament will feature six schools from our School-Aged Child Care (S.A.C.C.) program, all showcasing their individual abilities and creations from this past year. For the basketball games, schools will play against each other in a double-elimination tournament. For the past three months students and teachers have run scrimmages, developed plays, and designed homemade uniforms in preparation for this special night.

The fun doesn’t stop there – each school will provide an exciting dance and cheer routine from some of the most talented students at YWCA Mclean County! These boys and girls have been learning the detailed choreography it takes to represent their school in a fun and exciting way. Each cheer team is eligible to win “Best Cheer,” awarded at the end of the tournament, a goal I know each school is striving for.

I know what you’re all thinking, “Yeah, sports and spirit are fun, but what about when I am hungry?” Well, this Expo has it all! Each school will be providing a vendor table that will have student made refreshments and there will be a cake walk, face painting, music, and crafts – all coordinated by students.

I am hoping for something of a cross between Space Jam and the Super Bowl. I am not going to say this tournament is where champions are made, but I do feel confident this is going to be a great character-building experience.


Hi, I am Adam. Site Coordinator at Stevenson Elementary. Proud father, and loving husband. I also tell jokes for a hobby, and ask people to call me “Coach”.


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