I Will Continue to Rise!

Saying I am happy with the outcome of One Billion Rising would be an understatement. I am so overwhelmed with the amount of joy and support everyone who came to the event brought with them!

One Billion Rising is a strong and powerful event that is so much more than just an hour of dancing. It is about raising awareness and letting individuals know they do not have to go through difficult times alone. We want members of our community to know there are many agencies and resources available and eager to help. One Billion Rising is a global campaign that isn’t just a day long, we can continue to rise throughout the year and help spread awareness in our every day actions.

In a perfect world words like abuse and assault would be unheard of, but unfortunately these issues are prevalent and occur more often than anyone would like to believe. When people come to events like One Billion Rising it gives me hope that more people will be aware that one in three women will be raped or beaten in their lifetime. Again, that was ONE in THREE! With this statistic so high we have to work together, towards change, while continuing to remain hopeful that change will occur. I will continue to hope for a day when rape culture and all the stereotypes within it are unheard of. Until then, I will continue to rise by participating in as many empowering events as possible. A big thank you to all who braved the unexpected snow storm and came together with us to rise, release, and dance! I hope to see everyone at the various events we will be hosting in April for Sexual Assault Awareness month!

Lynn SamuelsonHello! My name is Lynn and I am a crisis advocate/intern at YWCA Stepping Stones, which means I’m a counselor and I help with any and everything else that Stepping Stones does as a program. I am the oldest of six and am obsessed with my golden retriever, Champ. I graduate with my bachelors in Social Work from Illinois State University in May 2014. I have grown to have a passion for working with survivors of sexual assault and hope to continue to work with this population and their families in the future.


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