YWCA Client Appreciates our Medivan Drivers

Medivan drivers Mike Lanham & Josh McCauley were appreciated with a compliment this past week. Home Care Services client and Medivan rider, Pam, phoned YWCA simply to say how wonderful these two drivers are!


“My mobility is limited these days and both Mike and Josh have been so patient with me. They’ve both helped transport me to and from my home in my wheelchair and always do so willingly and with a smile,” states Pam.

When asked why Josh loves working with Medivan at YWCA, he replied “I like that working for YWCA gives me a direct involvement with the community. Driving the Medivan is a whole lot more than playing taxi…it’s about building relationships and establishing a level of trust with our clients.” Josh has been a YWCA Medivan driver since August 2008.

Mike adds his comments too. “I enjoy providing transportation to individuals who cannot do it for themselves. I love meeting new and interesting people and feel good at the end of my shift. I know I have helped someone.” Mike too has been a Medivan driver since August 2008.

They are quite the dynamic duo and YWCA loves them for their passion, their drive, and ability to make our clients smile! Thank you Mike & Josh! Keep up the good work!

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