Welcome, from the 2013 YWCA USA Annual Conference!

By Dara Richardson-Heron, M.D., CEO of the YWCA USA

ImageToday, we welcome nearly 400 YWCA leaders, advocates, staff and volunteers to Washington, D.C. for our 2013 What Women Want Annual Conference.

For 155 years, the YWCA has literally transformed this nation. The women of the YWCA have been at the forefront of many life-changing social movements in the United States—from the abolition of slavery to voting rights, from civil rights to pay equity, and today, from fair immigration reform to the prevention of violence. On all of these issues, the YWCA influenced outcomes that are a part of the foundation of who we are as a nation.

Why has the YWCA been such a transformative force in the lives of millions of women, girls and families for well over a century? Simply put: We know What Women Want and we do what is needed to get it done! The leaders of the YWCA are among the most talented, passionate and dedicated advocates this country has ever known. The theme of this year’s conference, What Women Want, is truly a testament to the accomplishments of our past, a mantra for the life-changing work we carry out in communities each day and a vision for our future.

This is a very exciting time for our organization as we work to identify opportunities that will allow us to unleash and leverage our collective power as a national movement. We are building a revitalized National YWCA Movement—creating a strong, robust organization dedicated to eliminating racism and empowering women well into the future.

I hope you will support our Day of Action on Thursday, June 6. Also, please follow all of our updates throughout the week – there’s a lot to see and we are all very excited about the positive impact we will have in the lives of women, girls and families across the nation… TOGETHER!


New YWCA McLean County President & CEO, Dontae Latson joins former YWCA President & CEO, Becky Hines in Washington D.C. for the annual conference.

Washington D.C. Conference Lyn & Becky

Board Chair Lyn Potts & former President & CEO, Becky Hines in Washington D.C. for the annual YWCA conference. 

Washington D.C. Conference Dontae & Lyn

Board Chair, Lyn Potts & new President & CEO, Dontae Latson at the Washington D.C. annual conference. 


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