Girls Be U Active in Community

Girls Be U has been off to a great start since the program kicked off in fall 2011. In fact, program numbers have doubled since the pilot program. Hosting 8 girls during the pilot program, Girls Be U has expanded to include programming for both high school and junior high aged teens. YWCA is proud to say that Girls Be U has served over 20 teen girls in this capacity, allowing for growth in leadership skills, self-esteem and personal empowerment.

According to Ashlee Gilot, Stepping Stones Prevention Educator & Facilitator of Girls Be U, “The girls have met new friends, tried new things and discussed issues to help shape their futures.” Some of the activities that the girls have enjoyed the most include horseback riding at the Breezy Bluffs Riding Academy, gymnastics at the Rising Stars Academy and a cooking class hosted by YWCA’s former child care caterer, Selena Gunn. Ashlee also states, “While exposing the girls to new activities, we are opening up their perspective on life and what is possible for their futures.”

Girls Be U has plans to continue their fun field trips. Coming up, the girls will experience rock climbing at Upper Limits and attend a college class on Illinois State University’s campus. The girls will get to experience a day in the life of a college student by going to class, eating in a dining hall and even touring a dorm room. “The girls are very excited about their futures, and we are excited to be a small part of their journey,” says Ashlee.

For more information on the Girls Be U program, visit or contact Ashlee Gilot at (309) 662-0461 ext. 273 or email Thank you to all who have supported the Girls Be U program!


Cooking Class with former Child Care Kitchen Specialist, Selena Gunn


 Horseback riding at Breezy Hills Riding Academy! 


Gymnastics at Rising Stars Academy!


Volunteering at Home Sweet Home Mission! 


 Rock Climbing at Upper Limits! 


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