My Empowerment

By: Anita Conrad, School-Age Child Care Director 

ImageMy name is Anita Conrad and I have worked at YWCA McLean County for nearly 5 years as the Before &After School-Age Child Care Director. I chose to work for YWCA for many reasons, but most importantly because of our mission. YWCA’s mission exemplifies how I live my life on an everyday basis. I have always encouraged women to stand up for themselves and to dream to be whatever they want to be. In my personal and professional life, I have always been an advocate of standing up to racism. I believe everyone has been created equal and everyone should be treated with respect and dignity. I am very proud to work for an organization that works hard to live up to its inspiring and empowering mission.

In addition, I am blessed to work with such a wonderful group of teachers. They are passionate and dedicated to the children served in our program. We work together to give the children a great start to their future. I am amazed everyday by the things I see and hear from the children and what they are learning; I am proud to be a part of a program that encourages children to explore who they are as a person. I am also proud to bring new experiences to some who may have never had a chance.

YWCA, as an organization, has not only allowed me to empower others, but it has also empowered me as a female professional through many of our programs and major events. I could not have asked for a better organization to work for, be a part of and share in the mission of eliminating racism and empowering women.


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