Home Care Services at YWCA McLean County

By: Laura Pollard, Home Care Services Coordinator 

ImageHome Care Services (HCS) at our YWCA is still going strong after 33 years of service to McLean County residents.  Some of our clients come to us from the Community Care Program (CCP) whereas those clients qualify for state assistance.  In addition, we are blessed to have a private pay program where clients can access our home care services themselves by contacting our HCS office at 309-662-0461. Our Home Care Aides are a staff of approximately 48 and they service over 200 clients.  Home Care Aides are trained thoroughly before servicing clients in their homes and have training every other month that keeps their bonafide certification up to date by the Illinois Department of Aging (IDOA) and the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) standards.  Home Care Aides do many tasks in the home such as laundry, housecleaning and meal preparation.  HCA’s also taking clients to their medical appointments as well as picking up grocery and pharmaceutical needs.  Our office staff is constantly helping service our client’s needs as well as keeping up with day to day operations of its’ HCA staff.

Our YWCA and Home Care Services pride ourselves in providing quality home care services which help to keep our senior citizens in their homes as long as they are able.  We are a non-medical service that provides older persons with  aging problems and/or medical challenges to be assisted by their HCA with day to day needs that again, will make it so they can live in their homes as long as possible.

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