A Journey to American Culture

By: Kamakshi Chakravadhanula, Human Resources Director 


My name is Kamakshi Chakravadhanula and I am the Director of Human Resources at YWCA McLean County. I come from the Southern part of India where I married my husband, making my first trip out of India to join him in Bloomington, IL in 2002. I was so excited to make my first trip to the United States and join my husband.  The first few months went by well as a newlywed couple in the summer time. Winter was challenging though! Coming from the tropical hot weather in India (where even in the dead of winter the temperature still hovers around 90 F), the cold weather was a real surprise for me! I have to say that first snow was a blast! Seeing fresh snow at your doorstep was sure fun (though I’m not sure I can still say the same now :).

Working at YWCA has helped me understand the American working culture and has been a great chance to meet new people. During my tenure at YWCA, I have had the opportunity to work with great people who have helped me grow in my role as well as a person. I enjoy the compassion and drive to help others among my co-workers, always willing to help me in a time of need. I believe in teamwork and its great to see everyone helping each other to accomplish a common goal. Coming from India where women are culturally conservative, it is wonderful to see YWCA empower women to dream and help everyone reach their goals in any way they can. I believe confidence is what makes or breaks one’s dream; to instill that confidence in women can allow all to attain their dreams. I love working for YWCA McLean County!

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