Violence Against Women Act!


The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is large funding source for Stepping Stones! We need all the support in this campaign we can get!  

Now that the election is over, Congress is back to work to finish up as much as they can before the end of the year.  VAWA must be on the list of work that gets done by the end of December!  Come January, the current bill expires and we will need to start again to draft a brand new bill, losing precious time and lives in the process.

Pre-election, everyone did a great job getting the word out and holding our elected officials to their obligation to address the concerns of all people.  Now we have to get them focused specifically on passing VAWA in the next six weeks!

Commit to ending domestic and sexual violence with this concrete action you can take to support VAWA:

TAKE ACTION TOMORROW! Save Wednesday, November 14 for a VAWA day of ACTION

Every national leader will call Congressional leaders. Every state and local organizations will call Representatives and Senators. By the end of the day, every Member of Congress will hear a unified message: Work out the differences, pass VAWA before this Congress ends and you go home for the holidays.  Do not let VAWA die and miss this chance to help victims find shelter, help and justice.  There is precious little time left and victim’s lives and futures are in the balance.

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